Dear Readers,

I am pleased to provide this digital copy of my Ph.D. Dissertation: The Ethical Responsibility of Trustees for the Interpretation of Mission in Independent Colleges and Universities. In doing so, I want to respond to the requests of many colleagues who have asked to read it. I also hope that others will find the ideas in it of value to their work on social ethics, trustees, college and university governance, institutional mission, and independent, nonprofit organizations generally.

You can access the dissertation by section or as a whole. Because this file is converted from WordPerfect to HTML, the page numbers have been lost. Therefore, if you wish to cite a page number, you should download the PDF version. Click on the title above to begin reading the Dissertation online, or click here to download and print a PDF version.

I am very interested in hearing back from you on the ideas that are presented in the dissertation. You can contact me by e-mail at abdo at I look forward to hearing from you.

Cordially yours,

George Abdo

July 31, 2000